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I. Purpose

  1. We commit to working on important issues, such as Pressing World Issues.
  2. We commit to transforming systems from proprietary and exclusive to transparent and collaborative.
  3. We commit to helping each other gain independence (autonomy) so that we are free to collaborate completely.
  4. We commit to helping each other gain mastery of collaboration, for the purpose of creating products and processes openly and transparently to change how the world works.
  5. We commit to helping each other clarify purpose of how collaboration unlocks the power of the many - in ways that no one of us can do on their own.
  6. We commit to changing the systems that allow the current system to exist.
  7. We commit to transform ourselves into people that can be leaned into to solve these issues.

II. Economic

  1. We commit to the creation of Distributive Enterprise (DE)
  2. We commit to the collaborative development of DE, by learning Collaborative Literacy that enables us to work as large, highly-coordinated, global teams with an open invitation to participation to everyone.
  3. We commit to the transparent development of DE, publishing product design and enterprise design openly so that it is available to everyone to use and improve.
  4. We commit to creating enterprise models that are not scarcity-based, rooting out artificial scarcity from the economic equation - which we know to be a false narrative.
  5. We commit to developing an entrepreneurial mindset, not an employee mindset - for everyone.
  6. We commit to developing effective and efficient build techniques and processes that make this accessible to everyone.
  7. We commit to collaborative innovation for proving the fallacy of the Iron Triangle with Extreme Manufacturing swarms for speed, open design for quality and innovation, and modularity for lifetime design and cost reduction.

III. Social

  1. We commit to creating a growth-mindset environment for learning, working, and growing - in our group and with the world. We are all students and we are all teachers.
  2. We commit to seeing and treating each other as extraordinary collaborative partners capable of mind-blowing contributions.
  3. We commit to avoiding hierarchical structure of in-groups and corresponding behaviors, instead, focusing on a vision much greater than ourselves for the benefit of everyone.
  4. We commit to supporting each other - in learning, and in livelihood creation.
  5. We are inclusive, as we recognize that we are all in it together, globally speaking. This implies that there is no us vs them.
  6. We commit to bringing everyone up, seeing that distribution of existing knowledge is even more important than creating new knowledge.
  7. By developing effective and efficient build techniques, we open up time for personal evolution as we address our basic needs in a nonviolent, constructive way.

IV. Transformation

  1. We focus on immediate results with indefinite stewardship considered.
  2. We commit to questioning everything in order to create the best path forward
  3. We commit to not knowing anything, so we can learn everything
  4. We commit to identifying and solving pressing world issues through the work that we do.
  5. We commit to open design as a way to transform the economy from proprietary to collaborative.
  6. We commit to cultivating a post-scarcity mindset, starting with first principles to get us there.
  7. We commit to cultivating a collaborative mindset whereby no problem is too large solve.
  8. We commit to expand our thinking to think bigger, broader, deeper, and on longer timescales.
  9. We commit to hold each other accountable to expanding what is possible - by leaning into collaboration as the enabler.

V. Design

  1. We commit to design as simple as possible, but no simpler.
  2. We focus on integrated, big systems thinking that allows us to understand how things are connected.
  3. We commit to collaborative design - for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance.

Reread and assess if this tells the story of why we exist, what we will do, and how we will do it. If it does, we're good.

VI. General

How does what you propose pass through the OSE Filter?


  • Integrating the 4 America's
  • Ending poverty
  • Ending war
  • Creating the open source economy