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The latest stable version of the OSE Bearing dimensioning calculator:

Bearing dimensioning calculator


  • If you wish to improve this calculator, do not make changes to the file directly.
  • To make a changes, create a new copy of the file, implement changes in the copy, fill out the version form in the Sheet "Version history" and below on this wiki page.
  • If someone is using the calculator at the same time as you, make sure to avoid getting your different input and output values mixed up. This can be done by making a local copy of the file.

Intended use

To facilitate calculations for dimensioning rolling bearings.


Software used: Cryptpad Sheets (an open-source alternative to Google Sheets or web-based MS Excel.)

Version history

Version Made public through OSE-wiki on Comments Link
# Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Brief descriptions URL
1.0 2021-05-10 Built on Cryptpad Sheets https://cryptpad.fr/sheet/#/2/sheet/edit/qhxWdbK-bUyFEycnO1hnC7Bs/

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