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2021 Plans



  • $1.4M revenue for 144 students
  • $70k*8=$560k for staff
  • $2*144*30*12 for $104k on food. Danny Log did $6.25 in 2014 per day if we assume $700/wk for 16 people
  • Materials - $250k for new Campus infrastructure, by building from scratch, burning rocks, melting plastic, cutting trees.
  • Land - $265k [1]
  • Infrastructure - CEB and lumber housing. $100k.

Total - 1.4-.664 -0.615 = $145k buffer.

Revenue Generation

  1. 3 months into the program, we begin projects - outside-of-facility builds as work-study.
  2. Fulfills the house builds from sales
  3. First 2 weeks are camping with power tools
  4. Infrastructure built before-hand is kitchen/bathrooms for 144 people, and multipurpose room that serves as kitchen, conference roof, and meeting room for 2x that - so abuout a 5-10k sf multipurpose space.


  1. Chef/agriculture - food preparation and its production. Land steward of the soil food web.
  2. Positive psychologist - studying peak performane, motivation, heavy on the assessment and measurement of progress. Conflict resolution. Adding history and communications towards theoretical and practical mastery of personal transformation and understanding of Political Ponerology.
  3. Architect - built environment and its design from landscape, earthworks, to houses.
  4. Machines & mechatronics - unleashing raw productive power and automation through human-centered, modular, scalable design
  5. Workshop - practical skills of build, with machines that we design and build.
  6. Programming - logic and algorithms, connecting it to hardware
  7. Media and visual arts - writing, graphics, video, marketing, PR
  8. Enterprise - transformation-based revenue models