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I have personally seen profound transformation in my life. From communist block poland - and the accompanying mentality that people are equal - to absolute transcendence in the Land of Opportunity. Because I rose from average to what others consider extraordinary, and have seen that this capacity is in each of us - my life mission took me to deliver a seamless way for anyone else to get there. Hence I do open source collaboration - for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance. My first step to that was health and introspection, as I started yoga and medidation-based lifestyle engineering at 26 around the year 1998. I am curious and open to learning, a quality that shifts one to new possibility. At the same time, I had enough of books in 2006, and have not picked up a single one in that decade - as I was ass in the grass on a civilization rebood experiment. You can see more about that in my TED Talk.

As we move forward to beginning an un-college campus - our objective is primarily to create a tranformative experience. It's a turning point in 2020, as we realize that it's not about educating the eco-socio elite for a revenue model. That's what we did to bootstrap. But the transformation now is that this needs to include all classes - an imperative we learned from the 2020 election. Our mental model is that change, in anyone, is possible. That's how we can transform reactionaries or those who learned low self-esteem, or who have not learned AmeriCan. After all, our Mission Statement includes the word 'inclusive.' Inclusive is way beyond collaborative - it means collaborative across classes, where gaps have been widened through the Neoliberal World Order. The vision to transcend Artificial Scarcity is still there - now adding that human weakness is part of that scarcity. Because as humans, we can learn.

The question thus becomes one of, how do you create an experience that delivers personal transformation, and thus political transformation. We know from experience that some ingredients to this are:

  1. Being put inside an experience of interacting with peers of many different backgrounds and belief systems, to open up to new possibilities and ways of thinking. While you may learn nothing in college, you will probably get socialized to open your mind to new things. This is the value of college, no matter how questionable its curriculum.
  2. Changing one's personality is an active process. The question is not whether personality can evolve, acoording to current science - see Personality Change. But from there, it's choice and practice. You cannot will only - you have to act and form habits that become essential to you.
  3. You need to learn practical skills. This opens up an aha moment for your creative capacity. The deepest form of such is building physical things. A part of this experience can be learned by building virtual things, from poetry to computer programs. Electronics can be a good start for many, but raw productive power comes from building tangible machines and infrastructures.
  4. The process must allow people to go at their own pace, but must collaborate. Some can go fast, some can go slow, but all must work together for larger goals.
  5. Self-transcendence must be learned - understanding that we are all in this together.
  6. Self-esteem must be learned - by learning agency and positive psychology.
  7. Agency is learned by doing. Positive psychology is learned by doing.
  8. One must learn to assess one's capacity for learning - and understand as much as possible about areas they are growing in, fixed in, and transcendent in. This starts with understanding a generic index of possibilitie - from mortal to cosmic scales and timescales.

Core Process

3 step program that takes a lifetime:

  1. Learn how to learn everything while knowing nothing
  2. Fix yourself
  3. Fix the world

Easy enough in concept. It is hard because it involves breaking through one's traumas to become a whole and healed person who is psychosocially integrated and aligned with both their trifling insignificance and infinite power. By learning how to think, building upon all known mentalodels in all known disciplines, as a foundation for interdisciplinary, intersectional innovation that develops cultural and scientific progress in harmony with natural life-support systems.

Curriculum for The Founding Class of 144

  1. Learning hard skills, building things, learning to collaborate. Much water flowed under the bridge of psychology, start there up to Csikszentmihalyi, flow, Superfluidity.
  2. Doing R&D to show that advancement of knowledge is around the corner. It starts by understanding the boundary, and doing something that has never been done before - across various disciplines and sectors of society.
  3. Service - we build a 200 person homeless center over spring break
  4. Travel - we travel to an unknown place, while exploring the essence of culture for an authentic experience
  5. Building infrastructure to understand terraforming
  6. Integrating design, engineering, building, and using in one
  7. Starting a collaborative enterprise - 3d printed goods and a store front, producible with widely accessible parts.
  8. Starting a lifelong engagement and friendship.
  9. Different tracks - from builder of things, to design-builder, to design-builder-entrepreneur, to movement entrepreneur. But each gets a uniform psychozoic training to get on the same page.
  10. Starting a new OSE Campus to engage in absolute constructive effort

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