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The OSE Promise

The OSE promise is the Open Source Economy. The OSE brand stands for Distributive Enterprise as the means to get there. All our actions can be relied on as standing true to this goal. As such, we distribute our designs and business models openly. Anyone can use our designs free of charge, without paying any royalties, if using our designs independently. While our materials are free and we publish early and often, we can also offer dedicated training for a fee. Also, we can license our brand to anyone who can provide the following requirements.

We promise to create the next generation of social entrepreneur - Distributive Entrepreneur. This will be the first website in the world focused on open source product development and sharing, and has no precedent. This is intended to be a bold move towards the open source economy. This idea is so obvious yet impossible - because it requires sharing.


  • Fearless Design - What you produce must be genuinely open to others, as you do not see competitors, only potential collaborators - because we are all in this together.
  • Replicable, standardized product based on easy to source materials and tools
  • BOM - As-produced BOM
  • Build Instructions'’' - production/Build Instructions that enable full replication of the enterprise
  • Distributed Production Engineering - open source, lean, and optimized
  • Distributed Quality Control - must be a distributable procedure. Procedures must assure at least 2 sigma quality level.
  • Training course for new producers offered at a fee, with free online materials otherwise.
  • Certification process, fee structure, duration. 1 year time for now, to be negotiated in 1 year. OSE and Distributive Entrepreneur will work together on certification for all further entrepreneurs.



  • OSE products are listed on the site. We accept people joining OSE for the purpose of distributive production. Fees may include certification and platform fees.
  • Each producer lists only the items that they can produce and deliver, and handles their own finances.
  • OSE Certified products not produced by OSE can be listed on the site. Certified producers submit a templated content package that is then posted on the site.