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OSE is open to facility replication as of 2023. This is a collaborative endeavor to build OSE Campuses worldwide, which are at the core education/production facilities - and real communities at the village scale. These communities have a significant positive impact on their surrounding communities - as in effecting at least 10x economic improvement of the community in which they are located. This applies to a wide range of scenarios from the 3rd and 4th worlds to Silicon Valley-like prosperous communities. In the former, a new economic engine based on the GVCS fuels modern productivity levels, and in the latter, a collaborative mindset fuels lifetime design and solving housing - thereby reducing the cost of living 10x. Thus, Applied Critical Theory eradicates a comfortable unfreedom. However, all of this is predicated on transformed mindsets - and as such the OSE Campus is a transformative place that starts with individual mindset and psychosocial integration that is necessary to be a contributing member of society. The OSE Campus outputs individuals with 4 years of applied philosophy learning via the Socratic Method, as people learn to build a new world.

To become an OSE Campus, the requirements are:

  • Following OSE Certified Curriculum - consisting of a Survey of Everything, Integrated Design Guides, Integrated Enterprise training. The core of this education is interdisciplinary, boundary crossing, practical, education suitable for Radical Man
  • OSE Certified Facility - referring to cyclic material flows and local resource utilization within the physical living and working environment to provide a regenerative ecosystem. This consists of renewable energy systems, integrated food and waste management systems, local building materials, and global collaboration infrastructure of modern information and communication technology.