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OSE Chapters may be started after immersion training of individuals via the OSE Mentorship. The following are notes only - and details of duties and benefits will depend completely on specific situations.

  1. Each individual starts as a regional chapter, and then moves on to the national chapter level if they are interested in growing within OSE.
    1. Regional chapters require a microfactory infrastructure
    2. National chapters require a land-based facility, the OSE Campus
    3. Continental chapters require a land-based facility and offer continuing education for national chapters on the continent. These reqiure special zoning as special economic zones or autonomous zones within a given country, with benefits to the local economy and world in general.
  2. Ideal monthly work breakdown once operating is 1 week of production, 2 weeks of R&D (core of OSE work), and 1 discressionary week (Chapter does any projects that are not coordinated with the rest of the effort, but still contributing to the overall vision:
  3. Each OSE Chapter produces all the machines and hardware that they sell or use in their programs.
  4. When STEAM Camps or workshops are run, they typically happen all at the same time to optimize collaboration.
  5. We expect to begin running one or more Extreme Enterprise events per year, and each chapter
  6. Each chapter sets up their own website, and are featured on the OSE Inernational website as an official branch
  7. Each chapter uses OSE branding for each product.
  8. Expected net revenue after completion of training - is $50k.
  9. Chapter pays an annual chapter fee or contributes in-kind to support OSE International expenses including marketing, continuing education, ongoing product development, land and facility acquisition, and other costs related to the collaborative creation of a network of OSE Campuses worldwide
  10. OSE Chapters are design to be the key vehicle for ongoing OSE development work.
  11. Collaborator gains free access to all OSE workshops, but needs to pay for travel or materials
  12. $10,000USD tuition and certification fee for the 2 year program, and $10k materials cost. Sum to be paid to OSE upon acceptance into the 2 year program.
  13. Materials cost covers all parts for six 3D Printers, parts for CNC Torch table outside of steel, filament maker, and shredder. The budget covers shipping, and may involve getting some materials locally using the alloted materials budget. The collaborator keeps all of the products as property of the new OSE Chapter.
  14. Fee includes certification to run as an official OSE chapter, pending the final exam
  15. Final exam in training involves building a printer, using FreeCAD to design a product collaboratively with other team members, building that product, and productizing the product at the Open Source Everything Store. This shows that the collaborator is fully capable of producing viable products to OSE Specifications.

Chapter Duties

Each Chapter:

  1. Coordinates closely with OSE International on GVCS completion by 2028.
  2. Logs all work on the wiki according to best practices, coordinates via the OSE Forum, and publishes a quarterly guest blog on the main OSE blog.
  3. Participates in the public sphere with presentations, talks, and public meeting recordings.
  4. Works openly by publishing all relevant work online as a general practice for complete transparency of its process.
  5. Abides by DIN SPEC 3105 for all hardware documentation
  6. Participates in all large-scale design sprints such as Incentive Challenges, STEAM Camps, hackathons, and Extreme Enterprise events, at a minimum of 1 event per quarter and 4 minimum per year. The STEAM Camp schedule is expected to reach 1 event per month.
  7. Shares financials with OSE using live documents
  8. Produces the products it sells or uses in its programs
  9. Each chapter incorporates in their local jurisdiction
  10. To attain status as a Chapter, there is first a biannual charter that is drawn up, specifying the areas of specialization for each chapter.
  11. Meets for a a quarterly review to optimize operations

Chapter Benefits

  1. All Chapters have access to production training and continuing education to carry out their duties
  2. OSE International is repsonsible for outreach, promotion, and marketing, and outreach budgets will be allocated to make sure that revenue goals are met each month.
  3. OSE provides additional products and production training as new products become available.
  4. We will create an annual conference once there is a sufficient number of chapters or collaborators in training.
  5. Each chapter has the option to receive additional training and certification in producing new products as they are rolled out. Official cerfication is required for the product to be sold under the OSE label.
  6. Each chapter can apply to OSE International for funding to acquire additional facilities or land.
  7. Each active chapter has continuing education opportunities for a lifetime of potential growth - for free tuition to all ongoing education. Materials or logistics costs may be extra.