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The OSE Charter is a series of principles. We are listing the top principles that we think could make a better world - and we are asking people to sign up to these principles - as they hold the OSE Promise that can be used for transparent accountability to good faith action in the future. Whoever holds these principles is acting from the same place that we are. For example, if we build a village, then we can hold a future leader accountable by referring back to the founding principles. For the founding principles to be revisited, the charter of any village, which would be designed upon the principles of the OSE charter, will be updated along with updates in a core OSE charter. This way a charter and accountability to it can be assured in perpetuity because it is a live and evolving document. This part of sound governance and it should include Structural Governance. Such governance would be a check on any organization or institution that could otherwise become rogue.

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