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Immersion Training

  1. FreeCAD Collaborative Literacy.
  2. OSE Specifications. Not complexity but towards simplicity. Product ecology ex CNC Circuit Mill + laser. Then CNC torch table. Product Ecologies.
  3. Product Ecologies. Off Grid Microfactory. Construction. Agriculture. Energy. Mobility. Open Source Materials Production Facility.
  4. What is Open Source. OSHWA definition. 4 Freedoms. CC licenses. Fake open source. Academic open source. Licensing. Brand and Logo usage. Disributive Economics. OSPD.
  5. Extreme Manufacturing. Efficiencies required for complex builds in One Day.
  6. Design Libraries. Part libraries, interface libraries. How to document them on the wiki.
  7. Wiki Taxonomy. Module Based Design. Machines. Modules. Development Steps taxonomy. OSHW Taxonomy.
  8. Parallel Development. Concept, design, prototyping, documenting. Incentive Challenges. Collaboration architecture for a 24 person team.
  9. Large Scale Parallel Development. Collaboration architecture for a 100-1000 person team. Scaling to a 1000 person team for design in a day.
  10. Ambassadorship. OSE Clubs Introduction. Involvement Email. Starting other clubs in different locations: Invitation Email to Prospective Club Members.

Weekly Lessons


  1. How to create conceptual drawings. Using Google Presentations and drawing capacity
  2. How to use the wiki and keep a work log. Why is keeping a work log important? How to coordinate with many people around the globe.
  3. FreeCAD 101.
  4. Modular Design Logic - Design logic and workflow: how to conceptualize complex design based on primitives and existing parts - and how to divide such work between many people. Module-based design: How to see the forest through the trees.
  5. Basic Tools and Their Use.
  6. Arduino 101
  7. Kdenlive 101 - Using graphics assets for videos. Green screen recording.


  1. How to Run an Incentive Challenge. Why do an incentive challenge? Raising funds. Defining scope. Selecting a judging team.
  2. Robotics Construction Set. Universal axis and tool heads. Scalability
  3. Tractor Construction Set. Tractors and Heavy Machine design.
  4. KiCAD 101


  1. Open Building Institute. Housing construction via modules in FreeCAD.


(see OSE STEM Camps)