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OSE College is a credit & degree granting institution of higher learning that offers on-site courses to an international audience leading to AS, BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in open-source systems, methods, enterprises, to develop the capacity of individuals and organizations to serve their communities and further the realization of the OSE vision.

Project Goals

Develop a feasibility brief containing

  1. a set of incremental stages for the vision and the design goals that are met with that stage
  2. a list of the regulatory bodies and approvals required to operate during each phase
  3. a minimum viable first step
  4. a set of next steps for a business case

Marcin Jakubowski

Project Team

Design Goals

  1. PD or continuing education credit
  2. GI Bill payments acceptance
  3. For ex with UMKC - we offer programs that their students can take and tuition money can pay for
  4. Technical school - certifications such as welding or CAD or machine design
  5. Degree programs
  6. PhD in movement entrepreneurship, meaning people not only study a problem, but act on it during their intense study
  7. Providing training visas, such as for Ken from Indonesia who is here, who thinks the H-3 Trainee visa would be easiest to secure.
  8. Provide official invitations for education which would qualify foreign people to come here on a student visa (I9) and allow them to stay after completion of the degree program for a practicum

OSE College Mission, Vision, Values, Objectives, and Curriculum


  1. Third-party provider to UMKC of a 6 course program component
  2. Independent College offer certificate programs
  3. Accredited AS & BS programs, perhaps in partnership with CC & UMKC
  4. Accredited MS program
  5. Accredited PhD program


Determine the requirements for accomplishing stages 1-3. This task will depend on researching and navigating regulations and agencies described at Accreditation Primer.

Tasks to determine Feasibility

  • Meet with UMKC to establish desire to move forward & mechanism of 3rd party delivery with UMKC professor in charge of each course (& verify this option still permitted)
  • stage 3 resources HLC, ED, Department of Education and Workforce Development
  • Form advisory group representing OSE (OSE-AG)
  • Meet with OSE-AG to
    1. Define certificate program competency areas
    2. Define course competencies
    3. Develop course descriptions
    4. Determine whether courses will meet UMKC needs when built out

Stage 1

  • AR VR XR training for builders of Seed Eco-Home 2. Collaboration with UMKC $35M center. This is a generic system for inputing digital data and manipulating it in AVX-R.
  • Vets get trained to build aquaponic greenhouses as a business. We know this works for systems much less integrated than ours.
  • CEB press + 3D printer - off-grid relief shelters that feed into affordable housing anywhere including aquaponic greenhouse for long-term relief shelter with food production and home microfactory for producing shoes, building materials, and cordless power tools.
  • Certify OSE via curriculum creation. Accreditation is submission of curriculum.

Courses around these projects:

  1. seed eco-home
  2. aquaponic greenhouse
  3. off-grid solar
  4. CEB press
  5. 3D printer
  6. open source microfactory - as a basic survival/thriving package.

Business Case






2021-07-13 Marcin to David

Just met with some people from meet-our-team-of-researchers

They are excellent at grants, and want to help.

One thing we said - create curriculum accredited by UMKC. Can you write this? ... how much time would it take to create a curriculum for vets/students/entrepreneurs to build seed eco-homes with aquaponic houses, usable also in another variant as off-grid solar-food-microfactory in emergency use (which typically ends up being long-term). See more notes at UMKC_Proposal.

I'm thinking 6 semesters

  1. seed eco-home
  2. aquaponic greenhouse
  3. off-grid solar
  4. CEB press
  5. 3D printer
  6. open source microfactory - as a basic survival/thriving package.