OSE Design for Fabrication

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In order to achieve Distributed Market Substitution of major industries on a 10 year or under time-scale, OSE designs for fabrication in a way that optimizes repliability using both COTS and in-house fabricated components. This is part of our Social Production technology.

In practice, this means:

  1. Understand the production toolchain and workflow intimately. Design with careful consideration and understanding of the production tools, to optimize fabrication capacity to the design at the design stage.
  2. Steel is favored on grounds of cost and strength over aluminum unless light weight is of greater importance
  3. ZA Alloy is the material of choice for light-machinable parts
  4. Any design considers COTS part availability during the design phase, so that COTS parts can be used interchangeably with in-house produced parts. This allows easy replication for those who cannot produce parts in-house. Further, it's a good idea to use COTS parts to avoid unnecessary machining. If it can be done with a COTS part, do it to favor access over point-performance at higher cost. When is it too expensive to build parts in house? Depends.
  5. Design with open source parametric software so modifications can be made readily
  6. Design for Product Ecosystems
  7. Design using Module Based Design and Construction Set Approach
  8. Design for swarm builds, so that builds can be achieved in rapid time