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OSE Specifications define the qualities of OSE products. OSE Enterprise Specifications define the qualities of OSE enterprises. OSE develops enterprises on top of products in order to pave the way towards the Open Source Economy. Key feature of OSE enterprises - the OSE Enterprise Specifications - are:


  1. Tendency towards the Open Source Economy
  2. Essential pursuit of Distributive Enterprise
  3. Radical openness of publishing all information openly, including during the development phase prior to product release in order to invite collaboration
  4. Collaborative and open development of products that any participant or even freeloader can benefit from.
  5. Not funding of the military establishment, and especially of tools dedicated to warfare.
  6. Tendency toward training people to be entrepreneurial and responsible for their communities.
  7. Unabashed empowerment of individuals through the publication of and open access to rapid learning materials.
  8. Minimization of funding bureaucratic institutions.
  9. Tendency towards decentralized economies that harness abundant resources with advanced, appropriate technology
  10. Tendency towards diversified, localized, regenerative economies.
  11. An assumption that the world is negotiable: that people are not fundamentally good or evil - but that we can create whatever reality we desire as a society.
  12. Non-admittance of psychopaths to leadership positions
  13. Healing the emotional, personal, psychological traumas of people to help them become better individuals
  14. Social pressure against individuals who knowingly pursue harmful actions
  15. Minimization of power games between economic agents, to be replaced by transparency, collaboration, and abundance mindset.
  16. Recognition of right livelihood - that what one does for a living is what creates the world around us.
  17. Nonsectarian, nonpartisan, nonreligious, and apolitical attachment to affairs, with integrity and ethics as guides.


  • Sufficient surplus allows for all agents to consider continuous development, learning, and transformation as a natural part of life
  • USignificant profit ratio (50%) allows for rapid R&D function to address enterprise transformation for regenerative development
  • Tends towards self-determination of all people involved, in terms of providing a prosperous economy integrated with natural life support systems


Enterprises should demote:

  1. War as an extension of politics (Carl von Clausewitz) as an extension of economics. See Politics Follows the Economy.
  2. Malgovernance - mismanagement, bureaucracy, regulatory capture, parasitic feeding on real productivity
  3. Environmental degradation
  4. Degradation of people
  5. Corruption
  6. Non-diversification (monopoly)
  7. Loss of freedom & civil rights
  8. Enclosure of intellectual property
  9. Current mechanisms of fraction reserve money creation via loans

Solution Summary

  • OSE enterprises must distribute power, not contribute to war,


See Distributive Enterprise#Proposed Business Model