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This is a log of ideas for OSE Europe.

Visiting Abandoned Villages

Daniel Connell: I'd like at some point to see a bit of a roadtrip of a couple carloads people visiting all the abandoned villages and areas in Europe, and surveying the hell out of them. Any and all kind of data that can be collected, photos, maps, economic legal and council issues, environment, soil, water, all of it. This then databased and made available so that anyone anywhere that is thinking of finding work and living space for their community project can at least knock their options back to what's most viable before physically visiting them.

We're lucky to have Millares, but as we branch out, and others doing this are going to need to take advantage of rural or urban slack space, and anything we can do to make that process easier makes the process that much more viable.


Identifying Communities/Villages Needs

To create open society and open source communities and villages who are locally self-reliant and globally connected, we need to know their technological and biological needs. This can be done remotely and by visiting them.