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Technical Development

  • Discussion must follow the OSE Vision
  • Each topic has a moderator to keep discussion on track, and to maintain the OSE Code of Conduct
  • Discussion must be relevant to carrying out the OSE Vision - and specifically - using Product Ecologies as defined in the Global Village Construction Set, adhering to the development of Distributive Enterprise, and focusing on Open Source, collaborative development
    • Translated to English: we develop Distributive Enterprise, using open source. Discussion must be based on that. If contributors are not aware of the meaning of Distributive Enterprise, moderators are encouraged to facilitate the clarity.
    • Development of products that do not use open licenses do not belong on the OSE Forum, and moderators are expected to keep threads focused mainly on open licenses
    • License clarity: any product development effort carried out on the OSE Forums must provide license clarity. Ie, it must be stated up front what open source license is being applied to a given product.
    • Non-open source content is allowed as a study of industry standards, but proprietary development per se is not allowed on the OSE Forums.
  • Moderators are vigilant on adherence to open source, collaborative development.
  • The OSE Forum will in time become an important resource for public-interest economic development. Moderators must keep this in mind to maintain accessibility to important knowledge, while maintaining privacy, and guarding the commons from enclosure. See OSE Privacy Policy


  1. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to moderation by flagging inappropriate content or content that violates OSE Forum Guidelines.

Overall Structure: topics

  • Main topics are Tech (Dev, Enterprise) and Community
  • The OSE Forum shall feature an announcements section which provides information on upcoming OSE events - which is not one of the OSE topics but a separate section.
  • University Collaboration - good feature
  • OSE Workshops - links to OSE Workshops FB page


Polarization in the post-truth era is a real issue, and creates artificial divides between people. The OSE Forum shall be managed carefully for polarizing debate. Thus, we will aim for the most neutral observation of facts, similar to the approach of Reuters. We let readers draw their own conclusions, and we encourage OSE Forum Contributors to flag biased language. In the current (2020) political climate, that means being careful about both liberal and conservative bias.

Mental Models

OSE Forum respects principles of Mental Models, Cognitive Bias, and General Semantics. This means that we aim for logical discussion that does not ignore facts, and is very careful about what are facts and what only appear to be facts. We encourage users to flag bullshit accordingly, so that the discussion remains constructive.

Safe Space

The OSE Forum is an inclusive and safe space for everyone. Personal attacks and attacks against minority viewpoints are not tolerated.

Open Source Franchises

Community Discussion

  • Discussion at the highest level focuses on the transformation of civilization to post scarcity by addressing structural evil: those features of the operating system of civilization that do not promote happiness and self-determination.
  • Moderator keeps discussion relevant to the OSE Vision.