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This is not just a forum. It's a discourse on building the next civilization. Start with Social Contract, How We Collaborate, and What You Can Do. Also, see Areas of Activity and OSE Crash Course. Developer Crash Course. What Open Collaboration Is and Isn't.


Same as OSE positioning:

  1. Learn to design and build anything
  2. Learn collaborative design
  3. Learn how to identify and solve pressing world issues.
  4. Become ethically financially independent


  1. Solving housing
  2. Solving water
  3. Solving food
  4. Solving education
  5. Solving energy
  6. Solving transportation
  7. Solving the environment

Basic Design

  • Constructive approach. We solve for 19 SDGs - as such:
    • Open Source Ecology - We solve pressing world issues. 50 machines and 500 modules for reinventing the technosphere.
    • Forum has 19 sections. Corresponding to 19 SDGs. P. 622 MJ26. Image embed.
    • Solve housing. Solve food. Solve poverty. Solve classism. Solve energy, education healthcare. Equal opportunity. Etc.
  • Feedback loops - use Forum plugin for star ratings throughout OSE.
  • One section for general discussion. Welcome.
  • Development, OSE Chapters, and Extreme Enterprise are the 3 other sections.
  • Always link to wiki articles or blog posts. Welcome guest blog posts for seminal contributions.
  • Clear governance regarding trolling to eliminate or block any bad behavior and keep forum quality up. Dealing with Trolls. Make this clear to all users. Note that there are 'soliloquoy' tools in forum software. Install this troll plugin.
  • Merciless Edit Policy - Edits may happen. the Forum will be managed so that posts deemed not useful, off-track, or otherwise inappropriate will be removed to keep discussion quality high. Zero tolerance for harassment, misinformation, or other foul play.


  1. Aspirational and development-focused

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