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HintLightbulb.png Hint: These are general notes on an OSE game concept from 2019. See 2021 work at Global Village Construction Set Game


  • A mix of a video game, a simulation software, and a design/planning software
  • Integrates OSE Machines, OSE Devices, OBI Buildings, OSE Infastructure to make a hybrid between "SatisFactory", "Cities: Skylines", and "Farm Simulator"
  • May start out in development more as a game, -but if enough work is put in (and/or code is sourced from other projects), it can also act as a simulation program for:
    • City Planning
    • Transportation Planning
    • Farm/Industrial Managment
    • Vehicle Training (with the Open Source Simulation Construction Set it could be used as a simulator for using heavy equipment, driving etc
    • Building Design
    • Factory Design
    • Vehicle Design
    • Etc
  • Can introduce people into novel fields:
    • KSP took literal rocket science (albeit minus some innacuracies) and mad it accessible and "cool"
    • City Skylines makes City/Transportation Planning fun and accesable
    • Farm, Driving, and Flight Simulators are Commonplace (Also for heavy machienery etc these can be useful training tools


  • Need to merge all of This into here
  • Not too relevant for now, so going on the FAR backburner
  • Am bringing this up in the somewhat dormant OSE Game section of the OSE Discord to see if anyone else wants to "take it"

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