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OSE is about mass creation of regenerative livelihood. We think that we can do this by creating open source hardware-based enterprises that produce essential goods and educate people to be Integrated Humans. We believe in generalist skill sets spanning making, organizations, entrepreneurship, ecology, and personal development. Because the only way we can create the next civilization - is by upgrading the operating system in our heads towards Collaborative Literacy.

In practice, we aim to create not employees - but entrepreneurs. One way to get there is through an open source franchise - a Distributive Enterprise which replicates OSE chapters worldwide. We are currently beginning to formulate our OSE Chapters program to replicate OSE operations, as formally organized chapters. Chapters carry on the education, production, and collaboration principles as embodied in the OSE Vision.

To date, we have shown that our work is viable and much needed, see our Proofs of Concept