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Introduction, 2016

OSE's mission is to create the open source economy. What is an economy? It is the combined effort of how people make a living. It is peoples' livelihood. 80% of this world economy is based on material production: food, energy, shelter, and manufacturing. The transportation sector is a combination of manufacturing (vehicles) combined with energy (fuel).

OSE's platform for food, energy shelter, and manufacturing is:

  • Food: Regenerating the landscape back to fertility + breeding genetics for the long-term adaptability of species. This includes integrated agro-ecosystems, and breeding of perennial crops.
  • Energy: Renewable biomass including biogas to charcoal as the oil of the 21st century. Also includes char gas, solar PV, water to oxyhydrogen, and wind power.
  • Manufacturing: The open source, off grid microfactory allowing advanced microfabrication in every home.
  • Shelter: Seed Eco-Home, Aquaponic Greenhouse, and Off Grid Microfactory as the building block of new civilizations.

Notes, 2015


(to be integrated with the 2016 version)

  • To make natural building affordable and competitive with industry standard construction schedules, by lowering the barriers to equipment and techniques
  • To enable the production of local, organic food as an affordable and preferred choice of communities
  • To develop the world's first, affordable, solar thermal concentrator electricity production system
  • To develop a fully-featured, open source CAD/CAM/CAE solution - as a foundation for a new paradigm of globally-collaborative development for reinventing re-localized production
  • To develop the Open Source Microfactory as the new engine of production


  • To create the world's leading platform for open source entrepreneurship and distributive enterprise training
  • To remove material scarcity as the driving force of human relations, both on the personal and geopolitical levels
  • To move beyond artificial scarcity is a solid foundation for evolving to freedom.


  • Regenerate the earth - and make charcoal for fuel.