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Specifics, 2022

  • Open Source Microfactory (OSM) - just like China gained manufacturing dominance from 1980-2020, so must the world move on to the next paradigm. With open source microfactories, fueled by collaborative design - which leverages global collaboration for improving product quality while solving for the distribution of wealth. This is especially pressing when Chinese Opium, Chinese human rights violations, and potential territorial aggression are at risk. It is a case where a global superpower, a non-democratic one - should cease to be funded by everyone who buys its goods. This is not to exclude China - but to include China in a new paradigm where countries and cities produce all that they need. This allows for more resilient economies which contribute less to global geopolitical power struggles. The open source microfactory concept is not a hippie ideal - it is a moral imperative for a democratic world of the future where nobody is left behind. It is how we not fund oppressive regimes when we're addicted to their goods. Only access to the open source microfactory paradigm in the broad sense can ensure the world of access to independence - of an option to not compromise ourselves because of our dependence. For the OSM to work, a billion or so in funding can produce 1000 goods, which can proliferate towards Distributed Market Substitution of all goods.
  • Regenerative Housing - to make housing not decrease biodiversity loss or tree cover loss, zero energy so it contributes nothing to global warming, and wastewater systems that serve as fertilizer for local biological production. Homes that produce fuel for cars, and products for industry. How zero tree loss? If you take it down, replant it. Edible and natural landscaping. How zero energy? Enough PV and wind power to provide all energy needs.
  • Time Liberation - most of production in society (goods, services) are quite inefficient, which we are correcting in the Seed Eco-Home project for a house that is the easiest, highest quality house possible to build. However, its this un-ease that is key to preventing the Promise of Technology - ie, that each person's life becomes less complicated and more enjoyable. Instead, tremendous amounts of time are spent on non-lifetime-design goods - which require constant maintenance. The solution is designing the technosphere in such a way that people have to work less to accomplish the same goals of a quality life. This is largely a shift in mindset, and if accepted, allows for un-jobbing much earlier in one's career. OSE addresses this point by providing easy-to-build and maintain designs, products and services. This is the OSE Respects Your Time certification.
  • Outstanding USA Issues

Introduction, 2016

OSE's mission is to create the open source economy. What is an economy? It is the combined effort of how people make a living. It is peoples' livelihood. 80% of this world economy is based on material production: food, energy, shelter, and manufacturing. The transportation sector is a combination of manufacturing (vehicles) combined with energy (fuel).

OSE's platform for food, energy shelter, and manufacturing is:

  • Food: Regenerating the landscape back to fertility + breeding genetics for the long-term adaptability of species. This includes integrated agro-ecosystems, and breeding of perennial crops.
  • Energy: Renewable biomass including biogas to charcoal as the oil of the 21st century. Also includes char gas, solar PV, water to oxyhydrogen, and wind power.
  • Manufacturing: The open source, off grid microfactory allowing advanced microfabrication in every home.
  • Shelter: Seed Eco-Home, Aquaponic Greenhouse, and Off Grid Microfactory as the building block of new civilizations.

Notes, 2015


(to be integrated with the 2016 version)

  • To make natural building affordable and competitive with industry standard construction schedules, by lowering the barriers to equipment and techniques
  • To enable the production of local, organic food as an affordable and preferred choice of communities
  • To develop the world's first, affordable, solar thermal concentrator electricity production system
  • To develop a fully-featured, open source CAD/CAM/CAE solution - as a foundation for a new paradigm of globally-collaborative development for reinventing re-localized production
  • To develop the Open Source Microfactory as the new engine of production


  • To create the world's leading platform for open source entrepreneurship and distributive enterprise training
  • To remove material scarcity as the driving force of human relations, both on the personal and geopolitical levels
  • To move beyond artificial scarcity is a solid foundation for evolving to freedom.


  • Regenerate the earth - and make charcoal for fuel.