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This is OSE's implementation of Ardupilot Rover. Which board to run it on? Which operating system to work in? Which real time microkernel to use? What is the sensor compatibility?

The solutions require experience. Initial solutions are simply mimetic: what is commonly done and documentation avialable?


  • Slow Solar operated 16 hp rover, lifesize for remote control or follow me operation.


  1. Ardupilot vs Pixhawk - 2 software bases for drone control. Ardupilot is more versatile. [1] and has user-friendly mission planning. Ardupilot is GPL, vs BSD for Pixhawk. Ardupilot has Rover, Copter, and Plane. [2]
  2. You can run ardupilot on BBB - [3] using a cape to replace Ardupilot Mega capacity, but this cape seems no longer available. Dead end?
  3. Companion computers - can collaborate with a flight controller. [4]
  4. Beagle Bone Blue with Ardupilot - [5]

Prior Art

  • Pixhawk + RPi is common - [6]
  • Yuri Rage - rover lawnmower - [7]
    • Check.pngGood documentation on setup of RTK GPS base station for $300 [8]. That means you don't need a Virtual Reference Sation service for $2k/year subscription.
  • Bzeug tracked vehicle - [9]



  • UDP vs TCP - [11]. There are 9 common communication protocols for the internet - [12]. Outside of internet - there are other protocols for communication, such as over ham radio [13] with XM.25 as an example. Here is networking intro with intranet and extranet as 2 other cases of ethernet. [14]