OSE Theory of Efficient Builds

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This is nothing new, just building on elimination of muda, 6 Sigma, Test-Driven Design, Second Toyota Paradox, Visual Workshop, and other techniques for rapid builds.

It's all in the Prep

Applied to housing - one can prepare for rapid Swarm Builds with jigs, modular design, preassembly of modules, Integrated Design of modules, and Design for Preassembly. An assumption of swarm builds is that such builds offer learning and a simplified build process - without reducing build performance.

Critical Theory

  • Specialization drives cost up: instead of one person sufficing for a job, multiple people are involved. Coordination losses in house construction drives cost up, as opposed to using general skill builders. It would seem that specialization allows for higher throughput. That is true on an assembly line, not in construction, even of large developments, if design is not Integrated Design.