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Part of OSE's unique value proposition is lifetime design. We have the lowest unique part count of any 3D printer in the world, and we can build many of the parts in house - in addition from being able to source them as COTS parts. Our production engineering is designed both for advanced and resource-limited contexts - so that the machines can be build easily anywhere in the world. Because we pursue a deep level of Design for Manufacturing, we are able to maintain our products easier, longer, and at lower cost than anyone else.

We are developing a warranty package that allows users to get free replacements for an unlimited lifetime - for any parts that do not meet their design lifetime. We do this simply by sending any faulty parts back to us and paying for return shipping. OSE will honor this for the as long as any original owner would like - no questions asked - according to the lifetimes below. However, the responsibility falls on the owner to replace any parts themselves, if the use lifetime exceeds normal wear and tear.

We will replace anything for free, based on these known lifetimes of our components:

  1. Frame - 100 years
  2. 3D printed parts - hundreds of years
  3. Stepper motors - 10,000 hours - [1]




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