Open Source D3D Pick and Place Machine

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Used For

  • Fully Automated Finished Circuit Production

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Fast
  • Just Hit Print Style Operation

Basic Design

Universal Axis

  • Odrive based for speed
  • May also need a sturdy (ie larger diameter) axis version

Part Storage Module

  • Rotary Disks + Autofiller
  • Or the OTS Tape Method

End Effector Modulw

  • 1x Vacuum Pump Part Grabber
  • 1x Throughole Soldering Device
  • 1x Desoldering Tweezer Device
  • 1x Solder Paste Dispenser
  • 1x Heatgun Attachment
  • 1x Computer Vision Camera
  • 1x Microscope Toolhead
  • Optional pcb grabber mechanism




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