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  • A Kiln that uses wire-resistance based heat to reach and hold a set temperature
  • Can also be used as a metal melting furnace, but this is not reccomended (outside of mettulurgical chemistry, and "special" use cases neccesitating it's use) due to it's innefficiency
  • Used mainly for:
  • It is a relitively inexpensive device to build for a shop/makerspace/microfactory, and the capabilities it provides make it almost essential

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

  • [ One of the Main Projects of the Youtube Channel "Paul's Garage" has been such a device
    • Unlike others however, it is high quality, and has other functions such as gas injection for an inert, or reducing atmosphere
    • This, plus their documentation seems to make this the obious option

=Minimum Viable Product

  • Firebrick lined inside sealed with Firebrick Mortar for longevity
  • Common Tube for use of an inert atmosphere, or a reducing gas (but this is an option, but perhaps install the tube anyways for ease of upgradability?)
  • Arduino controlled for complex heating cycles, and gas managment
  • Display of current temperature, desired temperature, and perhaps time left? (simple display, 7 segment even)
  • Temperature probe

Basic Design


  • Essentially a sheet metal (powder coated?) exterior to hold everything together and add some durability/regidity
  • Perhaps a "ledge" below or above for all the electronics etc


Heating Coil

  • nicrome wire?

Gas Inlet

  • What type of pipe?
  • Use hole saw to drill, through a top (for downwards flow? does this matter?) firebrick
  • Add either a cap and insulation, if not in use, or a manifold for inert or reducing gas

Control Unit

  • Arduino
  • Custom Sheild?


Display Unit

  • Either a few 7 Segment Displays, or a cheap lcd/e ink
  • 3D Printed Holder
  • Label either with a labelmaker, or with perhaps incorperating the labels into the 3d print (celcius/farenheight marker, what the gauge represents etc)




  • Somthing like octoprint but for kiln heat profiles, that and/or a simple knob system (for simple ones) and an sd card (for complex ones especially with gas)

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