Open Source Electric Soldering Iron

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- A small gas burning nozzle that heats up a metal soldering iron

- May be less portable than the Open Source Gas Soldering Iron

- More temperature precise than the Open Source Gas Soldering Iron however

Used For

- Soldering Electronic Componets

- Cutting Plastic

- Cutting synthetic ropes

- Open Source D3D Pick and Place Machiene

- Open Source Robotic Arm Pick and Place Machiene

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Basic Design

Power Module

- Incluedes either a DC in, an AC in with an inverter, or a battery

- May also include a temperature adjustment circuit

- This is unnessisary if it is used with the Open Source Soldering Station

Electric Heater Module

- ?

Soldering Iron Module

- Consists of a holder, and a removable metal part

Outer Casing

- A 3d Printed Plastic Shell or a CNC Milled Shell

- Also has flexible FDM printed/ SLA Elastomer printed componets for heat sheilding + comfort



See Also

- Open Source Soldering Station

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