Open Source Robotic Arm Pick and Place Machiene

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- Part of the Open Source Electronics Construction Set

- A device that picks up a surface mounted componet, places it on a PCB, and solders it into the PCB

- Uses a robotic arm from the Open Source Robotic Arm Construction Set

Used For

- Fully Automated Finished Circuit Production

- Open Source Systems on a Chip

- Open Source Computer Componets Construction Set

- Open Source Computer Construction Set

- Open Source Server + Networking Construction Set

Industry Standards

- This maybe

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Fast

- Cheap to operate

- Tapeless design

- No part bin filling;large variety and quantity of parts in integrated storage

- Just Hit Print Style Operation

- Works with one or more robotic arms

- integrates well with a small conveyor belt

Basic Design

Robotic Arm

- Used to move the end effectors around the circuit

- Can be quite small due to the light nature of its work

- We may want it to bo faster than the usual so it can jut around the cicruit board

Part Storage Module

- ?x Rotary Disks filled with parts

- ?x Rotary Disk Filling Device

- 1x Rotary Disk Control Device

End Effector Modulw

- 1x Vacuum Pump Part Grabber

- 1x Soldering Device

- 1x Solder Paste Dispenser

- 1x Desoldering Device

- 1x Computer Vision Camera

Quick Change Nozzle Storage Module

- 1x Nozzle Storage array (a metal device with notches for various quick change nozzles in increasing apeture order)

- ?x Quick Change Nozzles

Circuit Board Holder Module

- 1x Circuit Board Holder

Control + IO Module

- 1x Arduino

- 1x RAMPS Controller

- 1x Power Source Controller

- 1x Communication Module



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