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  • A Construction Set Consisting of a system for prototyping circuits quickly and easily, while still producing quite rigid final prototypes
  • All of which would have most of the non-electronic components 3D Printed and/or Lasercut
  • Would be a great product for making an OSEH business model viable (for education and makers)
  • Great for learning basic circuity as well
  • A Good "industry standard" is Snap Circuits
  • Could use magnets to hold together, but to keep magnets away from circuitry, using some sort of snap together mechanism is probably best (see Snap Fasteners )
  • ALSO should make much more complex component choices than span circuits (ie Arduino, raspberry pi, shields/hats for both, odd components, high voltage/current work etc)

Consists Of


  • Plastic 3D Printing (or Injection Molding)
  • Small Metal Parts (Lasercut/Watercut/Torched/2D Milled)
  • Soldering
  • Electronic Components

Allows For

  • Education about Electronics in a Tactile, Real World Way
  • Prototyping of Electronics in a Tactile, Real World Way

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