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CAD Drafting

We have designs - and the idea is: 'move this over', make all the parts fit, build CAD libraries - CAD up a simple representation for a part that does not exist in any other online repository; make this larger, etc. Basically generic drafting.If you are interested, there is a good fit if you like our work and identify with our goals. We are interested specifically in long term relationships where people grow with us - into roles such as instructors, specific subject matter design experts, or Python programmers who create design workbenches (, or create parametric part creators, etc. The ideal candidate would be someone who stays with us to not only create designs, but to build machines from the designs, and use them, and start open source, collaborative hardware enterprises. Just like we are doing with the house - ideally you would get so interested that you would build your own 3D printer and 3D print wall panels or other materials for us. That is of course the limit, but I'm just sharing the edge case scenario for how we see involvement in our work play out in the long term. We are serious about creating the open source economy - especially when the world seems to be falling apart right now. 

Transformation Invitation for Generic World Transformer Wannabes

Fascinating. You are taking on a huge mission - clearly an issue of global human importance and relevance. And this issue will likely grow in importance as time goes on. This can definitely be solved, but it would require unprecedented, open collaboration to break the problem down and turn it into solvable, bitesize chunks - given the scope of the issue and the stiff resistance as you have likely observed. Have you considered an open source-centric approach in your solution? This way, we can collaborate on open source product development, and open source enterprise models - so that the solution can grow and spread far and wide to scale like you indicate/say. It is not just some single product that I'm talking about - but a collaborative product ecosystem and paradigm shift that can meet a wide array of needs. This is way beyond any single individual or organization - this requires global, frictionless effort. Specifically, X ('the enemy's) will have a real contender once we get enough minds and interest around the problem - via transparency and inclusion that open source hardware and enterprise affords. We have been innovating on open collaborative enterprise proofs of concept for the last decade, and we think we finally have the solution nailed. We are applying that now to our core work: open design, large-scale collaboration, apprenticeship and enterprise training. Thus I Would like to see if we can collaborate here as well on open source hardware and enterprise ecosystem creation. And if not, I'm really curious - how do you think that a problem of this importance can be solved without the aforementioned affordances?

Negative Response

As I said, fascinating and most important problem. It might just be me - but I just am not seeing your commitment to the true, open collaboration that we believe is absolutely necessary to solve problems of the scale that you are talking about. Otherwise I think we don't stand a chance. Open source design and enterprise must be a part of that solution in order for us to succeed, and for the new practice to spread. Or do you simply disagree with me on this point?


Ok, I get it. It doesn't appear that you follow many of the open hardware collaboration standards. This, unfortunately, is a prerequisite for working with us. We have seen numerous instances where license ambiguity derailed a collaboration, or where expectations on open collaboration were not met. For this reason, we enter into new relationships with people who are well familiar with open culture and open design + enterprise. So to say - individuals who have accepted that an open source-centric approach is best for business relationships. This to date produced the most significant results in our work. If you are interested, we are putting together a course specifically for entrepreneurs considering open hardware and enterprise as their core business model. I can let you know when we have this course available - we plan on publishing this material in a more organized fashion in 2023. Otherwise, good luck on your endeavors and let me know if we can help you in any way.

Introductory Positive Response

Great! I'd love to learn from you on how you go about your global collaboration process? How did you get everyone's buy-in on open source? I have real difficulties a lot of times explaining the deeper meaning and intent of the open source hardware definition - or the Din SPEC 3105 that substantiates it further. How do you explain the power of open hardware definition? Can you point me to your licensing agreement or work in progress on it - maybe we can borrow some aspects of it? And can you point me to where I can download some of your design docs or CAD files?


And, unfortunately, the reality is that OSE, as of June 2022, has not received a single positive response from any inquiries regarding enterprise collaboration with OSE. Interested parties so far were Oggun, Living Machines (source John Todd group). OSE reached out to Farmbot, Gigabot, and Prusa Printers - but so far the negotiations were not successful. The general ask was to collaborate by opening up the potential collaborator's business model, and improve it with OSE elements.


The invitation for various open source product development collaborations looks like this:

Great to hear from you. To start, we would need a commitment to put all knowhow into the public sphere as open source hardware and software. This is how we roll, in that we work transparently, collaboratively and openly so that we can solve pressing world issues via global collaboration. See our means making ongoing design public on an ongoing basis, such as CAD files, design documentation, build instructions, bills of materials, and other assets that allow for zero-barrier collaboration with other stakeholders. This means we would be inviting other parties at all times for open collaboration so that the project can grow. Our end goal is replicable enterprise models that can scale as open source franchises, which can be replicated readily in many places around the world. The revenue models could be varied, from standard production, \ education, enterprise incubation, etc. The key at this point is to guarantee that you, or the entity that you work for, agree to the open collaboration contract. The point is very practical - it is our belief that any organization interested in solving pressing world issues must be open and collaborative - as the problems we are solving for are larger than any single individual or entity can solve by itself. And, we believe that open access to all the results is the only way forward to achieve free enterprise. If you are ok with this, let me know and I can send you an Open Disclosure Agreement.