Open Source Keratin Based Semi-Synthetic Textile Producer

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- Part of the Open Source Textile Construction Set

- Creates Textiles From Diverse Keratin Based Inputs

- Does so by dissolving keratin based input materials (Wool, Animal Fiber, etc ) and then bringing it out of solution by pumping it through a nozzle into a tank of a different solution, which lowers the solvent's solubility, causing a uniform strand of cellulose fiber to form

- This can then be processed into thread, string, rope, cloth etc.

- The resulting textiles are biological molecule based, but are as consistent as plastic based textiles, unlike solely natural fiber

Used for

- Textile Production

Industry Standards

Minimum Viable Product

- Modular

- User Maintainable

- User Upgradeable

- Accepts a wide variety of input materials

- DC or AC Powered

- Reuses all chemicals used

- Fits in a standard shipping container ( See Precious Plastic , this will use a similar philosophy)

- Safe

Basic Design

1x Input Material Shredder Module

1x Shredded Input Material Storage Module

2x Input Material Augers

1x Unsaturated Solution Storage Tank

1x Input Material Dissolving / Solution Saturating Module

1x Saturated Solution Storage Tank

1x Reformation Solution Storage Tank

1x Final Product Extrusion Module + Reformation Module

1x Solution Recycling Module

6x Liquid Pumps

1x Pump/Solenoid Controller Module

1x General Control Module

1x IO Panel

1X Shipping Container


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