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The Open Source Microfactory is a 4000 square foot facility with critical equipment for modern manufacturing, from heavy metal fabrication to 3D printing, CNC, and metal rolling. It includes CNC grinders, circuit makers, robotic arms, screw machines, and air bearing lathes - and is capable of producing any technological artifact from a precision machined part to a car.

Equipment Base

  1. 3D Printer - basic Fused Filament Fabrication machine for small parts at 100 micron vertical resolution. Capable of printing in PLA, and Check.png optimized for rubber printing. Check.png$500 material cost. D3D Pro.
  2. High Temperature 3D Printer - $700 material cost. Printer fully capable of continuous production using PEI (high temperature parts), PEEK (piston and pump parts), Delrin low friction material for glide surfaces, polycarbonate for high strength parts and glazing, and ABS/PVC for architectural applications.
  3. Large format 3D printer - for printing housing panels up to 4'x4'x8', and for printing airless tires and rubber tracks for tractors; $2000 material cost.
  4. Production Printer - of 1printer with 4 heads for production part printing and printing in multiple materials
  5. Ironworker machine - for cutting slabs, angle, and punching holes in steel in typical thicknesses of 1
  6. Bandsaw - for cutting thick solid stock >1".
  7. Welder - 200A MIG welder
  8. Welder - 200A TIG welder
  9. CNC Torch Table - oxyfuel machine
  10. CNC Router for Flat Wood
  11. Screw Machine - a 500 lb tool force machine on the main axis, incorporating automated material feed for up to 3" round stock. Main lathe head is indexing. Has tool post, drill, cutoff, and other attachments. See Open Source Screw Machine Concept
  12. Welding Robot - for cylindrical welding (augers), on the screw machine
  13. Heavy Duty CNC Mill
  14. Induction Furnace, 200kW. For melting and alloying.
  15. Hot Rolling
  16. Hydraulic Metal Forge
  17. Plastic Shredder
  18. Filament Maker
  19. CNC Circuit Mill
  20. PNP Machine - for making microcontrollers and stepper drivers.


  • Grinders
  • Abrasive cutoff saw
  • Drill press
  • Shop press - 20 ton


Specific Tools and Jigs

  1. Open Source Electromagnet Coil Winding Jig - for electric motors and solenoids.

Useful Links

  • How we started operating our CNC machines remotely - [1]