Open Source Network Attached Storage Unit

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Used For

  • On site website backups
  • Media Archiving
  • Records Archiving
  • On site storage of collaborative work

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product


  • Due to the capabilities needed varying greatly, a single "design" is hard to make
  • Thus the "models" can probably be best described as:
    • Raspberry Pi NAS (Or some other similar SBCs (Preferably FOS (Software AND Hardware)
    • PC Case NAS (This can utilize an old/business or school surplus/used tower PC and internals, substitute what is needed only for new parts)
    • A Proper Rack Cabinet Type Design which could scale about as high as that format will let you, the upper ends of which are way beyond OSE's scope at least as of now
  • The Raspberry Pi NAS can be made on largely DIY/OS Hardware which is nice

Basic Design

Rack Cabinet

CPU Based Server Computer

1 GBE Switch(s)

2.5 GBE Switch(s)

10 GBE Switch(s)

Power Supply Units

Magnetic Disk Drive Bay(s)

  • a good all rounder

Solid State Drive Bay(s)

  • Fastest Non-Volatile Media Format (also the most expensive)

Optical Disk Drive Bay(s)

  • Longest Lasting Media Format

Magnetic Tape Drive Bay(s)

  • Slow, but cheap
  • Great for huge amounts (petabyte) of archival storage

Less Realistic, but Interesting Optional Modules

100 GBE Switch(s)

Infiniband Switch(s) (Coaxial Cable Variant)

Infiniband Switch(s) (Fiber Optic Cable Variant)


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