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Open source development tends to optimize for faster, better, stronger, etc in general. Here's the mechanisms of open source that achieve this.

  1. Open blueprints in digital form - enable anyone in the world to download, study, improve, build upon, and contribute improvements back.
  2. Immortality - once born, an open source product lives for ever. As such, it can improve continuously.
  3. Community - a community of users, especially those whose livelihood is based on the technology - stewart the product to improvement. OSE engages in Heavyweight Product Management within this community as a strong stakeholder, promoting widespread participation and access to improve the Gini Coefficient and solve Pressing World Issues via mutually assured abundance. Many eyes make all bugs shallow, as the saying goes.
  1. Revenue Models - a common core of design, and enteprise design, fuels enterprise. Unlike software, where most software follows the Open Core model with proprietary products, we have a Distributive Enterprise core with open source products.
  2. Unicorn Speed Record - nobody has proven yet that growth of open hardware can be faster than software, but we believe that this can be done via enterprises within the framework of Distributed Market Substitution.

In summary, like proven already in software - open source optimization simply yields better-faster-stronger and has clear potential to break the Iron Triangle when combined with Extreme Manufacturing and Extreme Enterprise.