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  • Part of the Open Source Digital Fabrication Construction Set
  • A SLA or Stereolithography printer
  • Uses a light curable resin and a laser/projector to make parts
  • Can produce extremely small layer heights, and thus far higher print resolution than extrusion based 3D printers
  • Can be a bit of a mess to work with due to the UV light issues + messy resins
  • Also is quite costly + hard to recycle materials due to the chemical change used as opposed to FDM's physical change

Used For

  • EXTREMELY precise parts
  • Personalized Medical Devices + Implants
  • Things with very interesting mechanical/thermal/optical properties (Thanks to the wide variety of resins)
  • VERY fast prints

Industry Standards


Carbon 3D

Existing Open Source Designs

  • Need to check if it is FULLY open source, but the Peopoly Moai Kit is pretty good:

Peopoly Moai

Minimum Viable Product

  • Modular
  • Expandable
  • Can use a variety of resins
  • Safe (IE all lasers are contained
  • Efficient (in resin waste)
  • Clean (Workflow similar to form cell
  • Fast
  • Accurate (what resolution, this needs to be determined)
  • Uses pure gcode like the Moai

Basic Design


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