SLA 3D Printing

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  • SLA or Stereolithography is a form of 3D Printing that uses light curable resin and a controlled light source to make 3D objects
  • It can acheive very high precision and resolution due to the light source used (typically a laser and optics setup or a DLP projector


  • Resolution
  • Precision
  • Diversity of Mechanical Properties Acheivable with Resin
  • Diversity of Thermal Properties Acheivable with Resin
  • Diversity of Optical Properties Acheivable with Resin


  • Complexity of Device
  • Complexity of Input Materials/Consumables
  • Complexity of Workflow
  • Mess Generated by Workflow
  • Enviroment Required
  • Cost of Device
  • Cost of Consumables/Input Materials

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