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  • Light Curable (Usually UV) Resin
  • Used in SLA 3D Printing
  • Industry Average Cost is ~$136.85/L (Exact (unrounded) average is $136.8472(repeating)/L (or in words one hundread and thirty-six and eight thousand four hundread seventy two with only the two being repeating-ten thousandths dollars per liter) This was determined (on 6/9/18 by averaging the averages acheived in the Formlabs and Peopoly Subsections of the Available Resins Section.)

Available Resins


  • Main Page for Peopoly's Resins
  • Average Cost: ~$74.4(4repeating), Lowest Cost $70/L, Highest Cost: $75/L (Math Used: 9 Total Resin Types, With a Total Cost of $670 ; $670/$9 = 74.4(4repeating), (or in words seventy four point four repeating), (Math Done on 6/9/18))


  • Main Page For Formlabs' Resins
  • Average Cost: ~$199.25/L, Lowest Cost: $149/L, Highest Cost: $399/L (Math Used: 16 total resin types with a total cost of $3188 ; $3188/$16 = $199.25 (Math Done on 6/9/18))

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