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Operations are the activities carried out (business processes) in the overall delivery of products to customers - from product ideation to customer feedback/improvement. That main part of operations is the day-to-day of task lists and procedures for delivering a product.

In terms of replicating an enterprise - the critical enabling asset is an Operations Manual. This is a handbook that outlies tried and true methods that lead to success. Along the lines of establishing feedback loops for product improvement and developer retention, the Operations Manual should always have a release copy, and a development copy. As soon as a build starts, all collaborators need to be made aware of the Working Copy, so everyone can contribute to it.

Flow charts are a useful way to represent business processes. The more clearly a business process is defined, the more it can be automated.

At the essence, the Operations Manual is a specific and focused product that helps others avoid trial and error, and can thus lead to transformation through collaborative, open franchise development.


See also Operations Manager




  • Sunny, Lonny, Renee, Gerard, Gerry - advisory boards; Renee, Craig, Tom Rielly, Tim OReilly, Chris Anderson, Isaiah

Recruiting Team

  • David - messaging refinement in announcement
  • Emily - messaging consistency; recruting from film set director circles
  • Renee - review and passing on to contacts
  • Stephanie - role description review
  • Claire - contract negotiation
  • Dan - contract negotiation, operational aspects
  • Catarina - recruiting assistance in OSH circles
  • Isaiah - recruiting assistance
  • Karien - contract writing and review
  • Kavitha - assistant
  • Marcin - contract fulfillment
  • Bill Carrier - recruiting ex Army Corps of Engineers
  • Gerry Ohrstrom - SupporTED, interested in lending a hand.
  • Donna Karlin - social networks to pass through
  • Sunny Bates - passing it on
  • Adrian Hong - advisor

Outreach Required

Strategic Search

  • Top 100 Design Projects
  • Cesar
  • Tom Rielly
  • OSH projects directory
  • Catarina -> Nathan -> Dustyn -> Max Whitney
  • Simone
  • Carl - Sparkling Science

Recruiting Announcement

*What is the bait.

  • Brings in experience in performance management of performance and projects - in ag or production or construction
  • COO is focused on ops - what gets done in a business
  • Ask David to help script introduction - part of Free Marcin Campaign
    • 50% of my time is released
  • COO manages performance and projects
    • Demonstrated exprience in it


  • My narrative, followed by job


  • Where do these people dwell?
  • Post a recruiting message for peers - TF, KS, Campaign Monitor
  • WHere do I go fishing