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This map needs to include Executive Director and Projects Director



Proposed organizational structure:

See corresponding blog post


Role Transitions in Teambuilding


Main Requirements for Assistance as of Jan, 2012


  • Followthrough with subject matter experts on ongoing 13 projects at Status Brief
  • Set up of project tracking and management system on wiki with zero access barriers outside of sign-in
  • Blogging and vlogging progress and updates of Factor e Farm
  • Videography of Factor e Farm
  • Script writing and video editing of progress updates
  • CAD support on all projects
  • Video support on build of remote projects
  • Handling emails, interview requests, phonecalls, collaboration requests


  • Collaboration recruitment - paid and unpaid positions; developing strategy for recruiting
  • Defining organizational structure - to foster open economic development of the GVCS, scalable to an unlimited number of projects in the future like wikipedia model of infinite expandability
  • Defining strategy for recruiting subject matter experts on all aspects of project
  • Formulating strategy for handling large volume of emails

Campus Based

  • Equipment testing and improvements
  • Erosion stabilization work, ponds, animal husbandry setup, and agriculture plan implementation


  • Founding director hires Executive Director and others at Factor e Farm.


NASA Fractal Model of Communication


Original in PDF - File:Fractalmodel.pdf

Explanation from The Irreverend:

  • This is a very very preliminary recall of what I was trying to do at NASA for non-linear information based learning on the fly.
  • We have a core team with sector interests or responsibilities which I color coded--all red go to all reds in all nodes (work break-down zones/areas).
  • Anyone sending a message has a code for t heir id, id's the main recipient with a color code a node code and a sector color.
  • Anyone can send these since they will be working within a structured node or area and have a team leader to train them in this.
  • Any ping from a worker or core team, goes to Node leader who reviews his daily data, sorts and codes for priority and sends on useful important stuff to Core Team specialist and you but you don't have to look at anything unless it is marked urgent by the core team specialist.
  • Data is out there and can be retrieved and used by anybody but you can attend to what your core team really needs from you unless you have time to mess with sub-sets of communication.
  • You can monitor problem areas closely and stay ahead of problems and missed deadlines without leaving your seat or hiring a admin assist.
  • The nodes can be pentagons or octagons it doesn't matter
  • I know you're grinding away at something like this.....

Job Descriptions

Initial job descriptions, work in progress, Feb. 2, 2012.