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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Outdated info. Current work is at State of Completion


The status brief describes the up-to-date status of GVCS 50 Projects, Infrastructure Buildout, Worldwide Collaboration, and Organizational aspects of the 2012 Rollout Plan.

See Crash_course_on_OSE for results until 2011.


Note: We are currently recruiting Product Managers and Product Director for development to scale. See latest blog post on Extreme Manufacturing.

  1. Power Cube - Beta Product Release, published in Civilization Starter Kit; design complete on Power Cube VI; Power Cube V delivered to Factor e Farm for testing. Lead Developer - Tom Griffing.Needs: Project Manager. Last Updated 4/11/2012
  2. CEB Press - Active Development. Beta Product Release, published in Civilization Starter Kit; Generation 3 Electronics controller tested by James Slade in Texas; upgraded machine being tested by Texas team; test code updated for Arduino Uno. Distributive Enterprise business model being developed, ETA June 1. Lead Developer - James Slade- 4/11/12
  3. Tractor - Active Development. Beta Product Release, published in Civilization Starter Kit; double chain couplers installed on wheels to handle torque of 15,000 Inch Pound Motor. Quick_Connect_Wheels#Axial_Load_Test_Data obtained and improvements are being made. Project Leader - Marcin. Needs - Project Manager. - 4/11/12
  4. Rototiller and Soil Pulverizer - First rototiller prototype. Eye candy video on soil pulverizer fabrication. Pulverizer used to munch large bales. Beta Product Release, published in Civilization Starter Kit. 4/11/12
  5. CNC Circuit Mill - Active Development. Prototype 1 complete and jog tested. See [[1]]. Prototype 2 and documentation in progress. Lead Developer: Yoonseo Kang Last Updated 4/10/12
  6. Ironworker - See Crash Course for Prototype I. Prototype II Build approximately 10 work days from completion - see [2]. Lead Developer: Brianna Kufa- 4/11/12
  7. CNC Torch Table - See Crash Course for Prototype I. Prototype 2 gantry delivered to FeF. Need to build base table and electronics/controls. Needs: Product Manager. - 4/5/12
  8. Sawmill - Prototype I build complete. Awaiting field testing at FeF. Needs: Product Manager. Last Updated 4/10/12
  9. Heat Exchanger - Prototype I built - see playlist. Needs: redesign with helical geometry for Gasifier Burner integration - [3] - 2/10/12
  10. Microtractor - Prototype I built. See Crash Course. - 2/10/12
  11. Modern Steam Engine - Prototype I Parts shipped to FeF for Hadden Engine. Looking for DPV on machining parts to completion. Bridgeport mills need to be set up and tooling purchased. on 3/15/12
  12. Open Source Automobile - Joe Justice recruited as collaborator. Needs: Product Manager for documentation and collaborating with WikiSpeed on Kickstarter campaign- 4/11/12
  13. Gasifier Burner - Prototype I Design complete - [[Gasifier_Burner_with_Heat_Exchanger_Prototype_I. Prototyping bid submitted by Larry Dobson. Needs: Product Manager. 3/1/12
  14. Backhoe - Design of Prototype I [completed at GrabCAD] - 3/15/12
  15. Multimachine - Simple lathe and heavy duty drill press components built; 2 industry standard Mills ($1200) and 1 Surface Grinder ($1800) secured from Detroit for study of Industry Standards. - 1/21/12.
  16. Bulldozer - Bulldozer Specification defined - 1/20/12
  17. Universal Power Supply - Induction Furnace Specification and Inverter Specification defined - 1/19/12
  18. Universal Rotor - String Trimmer, tree planting auger, honey extractor. Quick Attach Wheels being explored as basis for Universal Rotor - - 1/19/12
  19. Induction Furnace - James Gibson - power electronics, owner of an induction furnace systems business - promised to produce a 10-50kW base SCR-based induction furnace power supply design; is looking into securing a 20kW furnace for study of industry standards; making an introduction for a visit to another furnace refurbishing company in California. See Induction_Furnace_Power_Electronics_Design_Rationale_and_Specification. Status update: stalled, haven't heard back from James. Dallas Makerspace team took on research, parts sourcing and design phase - see ppt - [4] 5/12/12
  20. Cement Mixer - True Fan donation for prototype I industry standard design (still waiting). Last prototype on YouTube - [5] 4/11/12
  21. Solar Concentrator - See old work on solar concentrator Project Manager recruited - 4/8/12
  22. 50 kW Wind Turbine - $180k design bid received from professional design firm. - 4/10/12
  23. Loader - [ bar bucket early results].
  24. Well-Drilling Rig
  25. 3D Printer
  26. 3D Scanner
  27. Aluminum Extractor
  28. Bakery Oven
  29. Baler
  30. Bioplastic Extruder
  31. Chipper Hammermill
  32. Dairy Milker
  33. Electric Motor Generator
  34. Hay Cutter
  35. Hay Rake
  36. Hydraulic Motor
  37. Industrial Robot
  38. Laser Cutter
  39. Metal Roller
  40. Microcombine
  41. Nickel-Iron Battery
  42. Pelletizer
  43. Plasma Cutter
  44. Press Forge
  45. Rod and Wire Mill
  46. Seeder
  47. Spader
  48. Trencher
  49. Truck
  50. Welder


  1. Extreme Recruiting begun - 4/9/12
  1. Extreme Manufacturing platform begun. - 4/7/12

Global Collaboration

  • Dan Schellenberg, Texas - currently collaborating on a Master Site Plan for Factor e Farm.
  • Roland Sutton (SCORE Mentor) - Contract Manufacturing of Precision Machined Parts and Assys. Started and ran company for 50 years

Status: not contacted

  • Donald O Collier (SCORE Mentor) - Tool and Die Maker White Motor Company Cleveland, Ohio

Status: not contacted

  • Fred W Eaves (SCORE Mentor) - 39 years of electronic and electromechanical product design

Status: not contacted


  1. HabLab - Roof complete. Needs: base blocks so walls can start; need to move pallets to site. 1/18/12
  2. Open Source FabLab - Windows being finished so structure is airtight. Needs: CEB columns to be finished inside CE1/18/12
  3. OSE Microhouse - v0.5 plans from CoHabitat Group available in Civilization Starter Kit DVD online. Discussing construction details with Floyd Hagerman and Factor e Crew this week. Needs: details finished; integration with biogas generation and aquaponics, and closed loop flush toilet blackwater system. Last updated 1/18/12.
  4. Tooling Up - acquiring 2 mills, one lathe, surface grinder. 4400 lb battery ordered , 12.5kW of Stackable Inverters have been ordered. Ironworker Machine and CNC Torch Table prototype II forthcoming. Will procure hydraulic hose crimper. 1/20/12

Status + Target + Briefs

Feb. 29, 2012

The present status of the organization is reorganization towards scalable, parallel development capacity. We have run into the limits of scaling based on the lack of a well-defined structure. As founding director, I am personally buried with tasks ranging from prototyping, budget approval, communications, reporting, recruiting, design, facility maintenance, fundraising, and others - with little formal support for these tasks. We currently have a full time resource developer, and part-time assistance on recruiting. We are beginning to interview people for executive and developer roles, but after further consideration of scaling issues on a 5 year timescale, a need emerges to define the values -> principles -> practices -> platform. As an open source project, we are committed to radical organizational innovation. I am getting coached on organizational structure and recruiting. I am meeting with Team Wikispeed to move forward on an agile/lean/scrum method of scalable/rapid, open source product development.

Our target is developing a scalable, open source product development methodology. Value is generated from products and services: incubation of startup enterprise, production, and use case demonstration in the form of applying the GVCS to the building of an autochthonous, 200 person community that demonstrates a modern standard of living based wholly on local resources, at 2 hours of labor per day per participant.ion

There are 6 projects being developed currently via remote collaboration, and we will be collaborating with TechShop on prototyping machines.

Our near-term target (5 years) is the next trillion dollar enterprise - via distributive enterprise - or the numerous startups that we help incubate to produce essential goods for their communities. This is intended as a viable production mechanism for fundamental tools of modern technology- such as tractors, cars, circuit makers, bread ovens, renewable energy equipment, fabrication machinery - including the services that come from such tools - such as construction, organic farms, education systems, wind farms, flexible fabrication facilities, etc.

Prospective Team for July 1, 2012

Recruiting 20, full time Project Directors, Project Director, Factor e Farm Documenter, Executive Director, Factor e Farm Director (site planning, agriculture, infrastructures), Production Manager

Prospective Full Time Project Directors