Personal Notes on Viral Scaling

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These notions are based on the OSE Deep Value Proposition. I am committed to developing a viral scaling strategy - not an easy task. We are developing a unique value proposition based on a desire for highest ethics of responsibility and nonviolence as described in Unique Value Proposition. This is in turn motivated by my conviction that in a connected world, the other side of consumerism is war, and the other side of prosperity is deprivation. I want to change the world by showing that it can be done otherwise - by creating autonomous, modern communities - with the first prototype on the scale of 30 acres.

I think that there is about one individual in a million who cares enough about the above condition to drop all they are doing and join us at Factor e Farm to make it a reality. This makes for 7000 candidates worldwide. We are looking for 30 of them to make Factor e farm a digital-age village to reinvent the world.

People tell me that I should spend our money wildly to get to the end-state - simply hiring people to reinvent the world. However, I don't think we can just buy ourselves out of this one - creating a new civilization is deeper. So I keep looking for volunteer-minded individuals with enough motivation to engage this with a living budget of under $500 per month as myself. I am looking for people who need no more than $500 per month to build a new world. This means we live on virtually nothing, and have multimillion dollar budgets for world transformation - rather than blowing that money on supporting business-as-usual lifestyles.

I am looking for those people would have the motivation to:

  1. Create a real community
  2. Design that community to be replicable
  3. Be Distributive Enterprise Entrepreneurs to promote the creation of other communities
  4. Have a clear desire to change the world - both by their personal example of living ethically with advanced import substitution - and by acting as agents of OSE-type community replication
  5. Have a deep purpose and intrinsic motivation for Essential Distributive Enterprise.

Entrepreneurs people come up with various means to make money. I am asking those entrepreneurs to work with us instead to change the world.

Tactical Strategy

Based on the above thoughts:

  1. Contact Civic Ventures for encore entrepreneur search.
  2. Recruit retired professional volunteers worldwide
  3. Position the Factor e Farm Dream Team 30 as a selective distinction to be earned
  4. Start all recruiting by assessing financila needs of candidates with a Recruiting Survey on Financial Sustainability
  5. Continue aggressive recruiting, posting to well-directed venues - Social Entrepreneurship networks
  6. Secure J1 visa granting status to recruit people from outside of the USA.