Recruiting Survey on Financial Sustainability

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We are introducing a tight constraint on OSE development - viral scalability of modern autonomous communities via replication of OSE enterprises such as the OSE Campus. To attain such scalability - replication funding must come from bootstrapping generation of value, not from grants or foundations. Grants and foundations may accelerate progress on technique development, but are extraneous to direct replication funding by their elite nature. Moreover, the participants in this experiment must generate value directly, as opposed to indirectly by taking resources from project funds. As a social enterprise - ethical project with growing social capital - resource generation may come from production, services, donations, or foundation. Internally, a combination of autonomous production (low-cost overhead by local production of food, shelter, energy, etc.) or Neosubsistence may be combined with production. Production means selling critical infrastructure-building tools of the GVCS.

Factor e Farm is a nonprofit social enterprise with a Unique Value Proposition. We are interested in societal transformation by demonstrating that 30 people on 30 acres can create a complete modern economy down to semiconductor and metal production from indigenous feedstocks.

Financial Survey

  1. Are you currently employed, self-employed, or do you otherwise receive a stream of revenue? If so, how much money are you making?
  2. What is your current cost of living?
  3. Do you have insurance of any kind, and if so, how much are you spending on insurance?
  4. Do you have any debt, and if so, how much are you spending on your debt payments?
  5. Do you have any recurring payments that you are making? If so, how much are you paying?
  6. Are you in debt from college loans? If so, how much are you paying?
  7. Do you have a mortgage? If so, how much are you paying?
  8. Do you have a cell phone recurring payment? If so, how much is it?
  9. Do you have medical insurance, and if so, how much are you paying?
  10. What is your cost of travel to and from Factor e Farm? Can you cover this cost?
  11. Will you be bringing a car?
  12. How much do you spend per month on food?
  13. How long can you support yourself on your reserves if you were volunteering at Factor e Farm?
  14. How much are you expecting to spend per month during your stay at Factor e Farm?
  15. How much would you need to make in order to break even in your finances while working at FeF?
  16. Do you have costs besides your own cost of living that you need to cover, ie, are you supporting others?
  17. Can you cover the cost of food during your stay at FeF?
  18. Are you interested in assisting during production runs if you are qualified in fabrication skills?
  19. Will you be engaging in any earned income activity other than your specific work on Open Source Ecology projects?
  20. Will you have other outstanding contractual obligations with other employers or contractors during your stay at Factor e Farm? If so, please discuss.