Pine Nuts

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  • The Edible Seeds Inside the Pinecones of Certain Species of Pine Trees
  • Their More Difficult Harvesting, Long Time Required for Trees to Mature and Produce Pine Nuts, As Well As Their Lower Profitability Compared to Other Crops Has Resulted in Limited Cultivation
  • However the Market is Growing, and from a Permaculture / Food Forest perspective that may not matter as much!
  • Also Non-Timber Forest Products can be more sustainable than conventional forestry (often Clear Cutting or Slash and Burn etc) while still providing a livelihood for the local people

Notes by Marcin

  • Pinyon pine in Missouri - [1]
  • trials in 1903 , pinyon in Nebraska appeared to work - [2]
  • korean nut pine - zone 4 -[3]
  • pine nut nursery - many suitable types appear to be available -[4]

Harvesting Methods


Rotary Nut Collector

Machine Sourcing

Rotary Nut Sweeper

Machine Sourcing

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