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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This page discusses the background for the OSE Podcast, to be created as of 2021. We are looking for a co-producer.


  • Theme: solving pressing world issues
  • Positioning: develop the go-to place for practical action on solving pressing world issues via collaborative design, with historical transformation as clearly visible value generated. Intended outcomes are collaborative enterprises, and transformation of existing enterprises away from structural evil (poor governance).
  • Asking Big Questions in all disciplines
  • Open source approach
  • Livihood as key outcomes, transitioning people and organizations to regenerative livelihoods
  • DE as the mechanism for getting there
  • Hard ones: war, taxes, wealth disparity, resource degradation
  • Peak performance and human evolution
  • Agriculture, housing, energy, transportatiin, appropriate technology
  • In summary: creating the Collaborative Singularity and Economic Sublimation

Other Formative Notes

Building upon other projects and standing on the shoulders of giants is core to OSE's approach. To this end, OSE is hosting its Podcast - Distributive Enterprise Dialogues hosted by Marcin. This is a podcast that explores existing and potential collaboration between OSE and its collaborators - with a particular angle of exploring and promoting the concept of an innovative economic model that OSE is developing, called Distributive Enterprise.

According to the Founder:

We do not invent anything new. We innovate by taking existing knowhow and building upon it. We do this by collaborating with as many allied projects as possible so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel. The greatest power lies in creating access to existing knowhow, and finding ways to reuse and remix that work. Because OSE follows a modular approach, it is our hope that many different projects can build upon each others' work to increase the rate of innovation. The trick to this is creating a culture of collaboration amongst all of our partners - and taking on a modular approach is the key to such culture. - MJ

The OSE Podcast is part of OSE's strategy to foster network collaboration. One challenge to network collaboration is that it is difficult for different projects to keep updated on the latest developments of other projects. It has been OSE's experience that collaboration is clearly more effective in producing results than trying to develop things from scratch. The OSE Podcast is a conversation between OSE's Founder and select collaborators. The goal of the Podcast is to share the latest updates on the collaboration, and to share potential common ground such that other projects may get involved. The podcast covers useful insights that we want the OSE community to be aware of - and to give insight to some of the workings of OSE behind the scenes.

I find many of my conversations exciting and full of interesting opportunities, and I would like to share these insights with the rest of the community. Since collaboration discussions may be fruitful in sparking further collaboration, and I have such discussions on a regular basis - it is worthwhile to step back slightly, and capture some of these discussions so the greater community can get involved. -MJ

Typical Format

  • Introduction to the collaborating projects, and its open license
  • What open content they are generating, and what assets are currently available
  • What OSE and the project are collaborating on
  • Potential future areas of collaboration
  • Learnings and challenges in developing a highly effective, open, scalable project
  • Distributive Enterprise Discussion - bringing the concept to human awareness and evolving communication on the topic
  • Have they considered Distributive Enterprise as a business model? How?
  • How could their work contribute to OSE's DE efforts?
  • Interesting ways that people can get involved in their project?


  • Systems history - green history, empires, military, taxation, technology, medicine, oil, etc
  • Interviews with leading DE practitioners
  • Interviews with forward thinkers, like Phil Rutter, etc, with other commentary - such as: can you comment on Phil's approach.
  • Chomsky
  • Rifkin
  • Broad Scale Regeneration
  • Prisons
  • Honest media
  • Resource mapping