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  • This page goes over various projects (both in progress, and solely conceptual) that are located near User: Eric






Habitat for Humanity

  • Need to contact them on this (once things are "in order' enough), perhaps also do some volunteering with them

Safe Animal Shelter ( A Clay County Florida No-Kill Animal Shelter )

  • Potential Expansions of the Clay County "Safe Animal Shelter"
  • Mainly:
    • A system for utilizing non-clay, biodegradable "cat litter" and PLA Plastic Bags, and some sort of shredding + anerobic digestion system
      • This would MASSIVELY reduce MSW generated by the site, as well as produce Biogass (and could feed a garden with the effluent). This could be used for heating and/or powering an HVAC system (also perhaps some electricity generation)
      • Also the more indirect effects of reduced shipping mass (less bentonite clay litter), and thus reduced greenhouse emmisions from this, as well as positive Indirect Land Use Change
    • Add a building as a "Cat Cafe" to increase adoption rates, public exposure/interaction (for the organization...as well as the cats (socialization for the more feral ones) ), as well as potentially bring in some income (food can get odd legislation wise) )
    • Addition of a "Cat Cam" system and a youtube channel or something where there are webcams of the rooms
      • Could also just be a YouTube channel, and occasional videos from a handheld camera, or action camera

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