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  • This is the Personal To-Do List for User: Eric
  • Finish out all the "figuring out the big pucture stuff" like all the Scale related, huge named pages, and all that zoomed out "meta" stuff

Smaller Tasks

  • Contact the two or so youtube channels on collaboration (probably with group decisions on what to say/propose first?)
  • Contact that solar panel company on USA sales/distribution
  • Make sure the Incomplete Pages and Dead Links categories are empty (ie necromance links via the Wayback Machine , and clean up + interlink pages)
  • Check Microtasks if the above are done
  • Make a page on total stations and maybe some sort of OS one?


Near Term


  • Learn AutoHotkey more
  • Make Macros for Generating:
  • " [[Category: "
  • " *[ A Youtube Video by ' ' Titled ' ' "
  • " *[ A 'year' Paper Titled 'name' ] "
    • Might as well do proper bibliography form although that is then less easily readable? (maybe both in a " 'Easy to read' (then below that) 'Full Bibliography Format' " form?)
  • The various Templates
  • " *[[
  • Automatic Timecode (If autohotkey can access clock data)


  • Look for existing and if need be create:
    • A Volunteer Translator Group
    • A Volunteer Closed Captions Group
  • Post stuff on the Agstack Foundation on the Luis Rosman discord under agricultural right to repair
    • Also start a wikipedia page on it


  • Download Kdenlive and see how it compares to Blender as a NLVE via doing a small edit on something unimportant as a test

Wiki Work

  • Stuff on Business / Advertising Ethics
  • Finish up the remaining "missing parts" in the
  • Bio-Petrochemistry category
  • Pollution category
  • Start + Finish (mostly, not going to "end it" obiously) the Precision Agriculture and Controlled Enviroment Agriculture categories to finish those mainly in prepreation of a Farmbot (or Universal Axis based adaptation) in a future Community Garden
  • Also include developments on Scihouse Inc on the PBR work, as it can fit in this category (algaculture can get a category of it's own once it grows sufficiently), and is relevant to the bio-petchem stuff being done (here and on scihouse)
  • Interconnect Scihouse Inc , Precious Plastic , and Open Source Low Tech with the wiki more
  • Tie up all "loose ends", interlink Orphan Pages , complete Incomplete Pages , and just clean up all that as much as possible
    • This also makes the wiki less "labrynth-ey" / like the Library of Babel , and moreso something that people can "dive into" without needing a "sherpa" of sorts
    • Granted i/we? don't want to make this into some frankenstinian mess, so caution + group planning needed, but there is a huge ammount of Redundancy Waste via lack of a common "information bank" and thus a huge ammount of wasted dev efforts in making 5+ Filament Maker designs, 3+ Shredder Designs, etc (my estimation by the way, data + connecting in the works)

Discord Work

  • Also need to discuss/work with the code-skilled people in the discord (and anyone else intrested!) on if the wiki can be fixed/updated, or even a "ai-editor" that is a user account to make this at least semi-automated, and thus less labor intensive saving dev hours for other projects
  • Language roles

Data Archival

  • Try and figure out if, and if so how, we can backup (and maybe even centralize the data from (mentioned a tool that did this with the person who pointed out a more os option for rtc, need to grab that name) ) the Discord , Slack , and any other social media text/link data so as to avoid a potential loss of that data
  • Figure out how the Wayback Machine creates it's "Snapshots"
  • Make a flowchart for data storage

Long Term

  • Create/Develop more "Concrete Plans" on the Fleming Island Makerspace , mainly:
    • Exact list of "needed things" + BOM for that "low impact, early phase" (about 1/2 done now already?)
    • More powerpoints + spreadsheets on planned budgets/business models for making it presentable, not just "MAKERSPACE HYPE AND IDEAS" , but "Here is my proposal for an expansion of program "x" in a similar manner to the 20XX expansion of location "y's" program. The preliminary analysis shows an estimated budget..." all in nice folders and a presentation + email drafts / templates
    • Drawings of Internal Layouts/Organization (what drawers where for the EARLY stuff, but just to keep it orderly, pegboards and all that), Drawings/GIS overlays of where Community Gardens could go, where VAWTs could go (can be used as Kinetic Art and an "attention grabber" as well as a renewable power source, for example), where a LONG TERM building expansion/shed even could go etc
  • Then even more long term make OBI plans + models to show off for "phase two implementation proposals" etc

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