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See also Process_Documentation_Standards_Abstract


Documenting processes - once established, it should be handed off. Base requirements:

  1. KISS - the process is easy to understand
  2. Lean - it is easy to implement the process
  3. Reviewable/refinable by outsiders - Process description can be viewed by others.
  4. Work product is verifiable - an outsider can audit the process easily, can find out who is doing the process. Results of implementing the process are easily visible.
  5. Requirements are documented - conditions of satisfaction
  6. Time Requirements - how long it takes to do the process, step by step
  7. Outcomes - intended outcomes are delineated
  8. Organizational ecology shown - how process relates to other processes?.


From the OSE perspective, we are setting up processes that are simple and absolutely transparent. Our goal, wherever possible - is to make a process so transparent such that the entire world can observe the outcome of the process, who is doing it, by what standards (execution procedure). The limit of this is that at any time, anyone with an internet connection can see whether the process is being done or not.

The goal of this is to promote radical inclusion. Specifically, the goal is to facilitate review by the entire global community, to set new standards of transparency towards more sound governance, and to promote organizational learning in other efforts. For OSE in particular, we are interested in 144 OSE Incubators who can learn from our existing processes.

To document a Process, document all of the following:

  1. What? Brief description of process and its purpose.
  2. Why? How does process help streamline operations? What efforts does it save? How does the process promote transparent operation, openness, and sound governance?
  3. Who? - Who is responsible/accountable/consulted/informed about the process? Use RACI Cubed.
  4. When? - When is this process executed (day/time, frequency
  5. Time Requirements - when executed effectively, how long should this process take per day/week/month?
  6. Links - What are all the relevant links to the working substance, documentation database, source, list, account information, etc. that allows somebody to execute the process? Note: make special provisions for private database
  7. Execution - Step by step procedure for executing process
  8. Documentation - Produce documentation by which anyone in the world can observe the results, see if the process is being executed, and learn how to execute the process itself if needed?


For any process:

  1. Start a wiki page named "Process_Name_Process"
  2. Use a template listing 8 items above.
  3. Categorize the process on the OSE wiki under the OSE Processes categorry
  4. See index of processes at OSE Process Map
  5. Use standard Process Map