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Here are publishing guidelines for Open Source Ecology's virtual collaboratory. The physical facility is Factor e Farm

Openfarmtech Wiki

Factor e Farm Blog

  • This blog is dedicated to reporting by on-site members of Factor e Farm. Guests are invited to blog on a per-post basis for related topics.
  • Basic guidelines:
    • Blog is dedicated to reporting of important progress at Factor e Farm.
    • Comments are invited from the greater global community.
    • Discussion is solution-focused regarding various development issues related to the Global Village Construction Set
    • Problems are typically discussed with respect to project results that affect the outcomes of the 41 technologies under exploration. Minor issues that do not affect success of the GVCS are not discussed
    • Please refrain from making personal attacks and other poor etiquette.
  • Physical infrastructure development suggestions and on-site participants are welcome, provided that a budget, plan, and implementation procedure is proposed.

Drupal Site

  • This is a project development and syndication site with project and topic-based forums and developer blogs. To date, this has been underutilized, and it appears the the install is malfunctioning. Jose Castro, Drupal developer and recent reviewer (5.2.09) suggested a reinstall.
  • Anyone can sign up and contribute content.