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What is a pull request? It is a way of making contributions to an open source project. This concept comes from the Git protocol, and is adapted to hardware. Since typical Git repositories (Github, Gitlab) are not well adapted to hardware, we host repositories on the wiki. Further, OSE repositories include software, hardware desings, media assets, and more - so Github is not an effecive mechanism for storing all this. Further, OSE process involves loose commits - ie, content can remain on the wiki and not be merged into the main trunk of OSE design.

How does a version get merged? A product owner is consulted, and Part Library pages are updated. This is in part an autonomous process. Relevant contributors must be oriented in the OSE Crash Course and OSE Collaboration Protocol. Active users can be tracked at Special:ActiveUsers, or announcements are found at the OSE Workshops FB Page, OSE Twitter, or the new OSE Forums.

The distinction between Git and wiki is that the wiki does not require knowhow of the Git workflow, but instead is more user-friendly. Anyone can contribute to the wiki. Formal pull requests are merged into the official branches of projects via the Pull Request Form below.

How OSE Pull Requests Work

First, you should be aware that you can make contributions to the Wiki openly by logging in and editing. However, there are some pages or other documents that are open for editing only to project managers and qualified editors - in which case you have to ask a maintainer to add your contribution. Simply put, you notify the project managers that you made some contribution, and request that they add your contribution to the wiki or other OSE repository.

For OSE, the way this works is a little different than using a distributed version control system such as Git. In OSE's case, the wiki is open for all to edit - thereby by analogy, informal or uncontrolled 'pull requests' are happening continuously. However, there are some parts of the OSE wiki that are controlled more tightly, such as the OSE Part Library - which contains modules that are officially approved as the components of the GVCS. Only product leads are allowed to update the OSE Part Library.


Submit a Pull Request

To submit a Pull Request to Open Source Ecology, use this form.

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