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QCad has been superseded by LibreCAD

On Ubuntu 9.10 - the QCad library location is /usr/share/qcad/libraries or /usr/share/librecad/library

Any dxf files put into that folder will appear as usable libraries within QCad. This is a powerful tool for sharing design, especially in Linux distributions dedicated to OSE's development.

Over time, we want to publish a Linux build dedicated to the work of OSE. See OSE Linux Build

apt-cache depends qcad


 Depends: libc6
 Depends: libfontconfig1
 Depends: libgcc1
 Depends: libice6
 Depends: libjpeg62
 Depends: libpng12-0
 Depends: libqt3-mt
 Depends: libsm6
 Depends: libstdc++6
 Depends: libx11-6
 Depends: libxext6
 Depends: zlib1g
 Suggests: partlibrary
 Recommends: qcad-doc