Remote Control

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  • See Remote Operation Construction Set
  • All OSE machines can be controlled remotely if the interest is to avoid dedicated screens or interfaces. Dedicated screens and interfaces can be replaced with portable ones, such as open source software phones or tablets - Raspberry Pi Tablet, or Raspberry Pi Phone.
  • This lowers the cost of myriad devices.
  • Open source control apps replace multiple hardware screens and knobs
  • Disadvantage may be added complexity and potential security risks, but the advantage is further reduction of cost, improvement of user interface, and broader collaboration on the development.
  • For development collaboration, adds the element of apps + remote control + IoT. Can lend itself to remote collaboration and gaming by connecting gaming with the real world. This is part of the real world and virtual world blending, where proper stewardship involves deploying such infrastructures in a distributed and democratic way.
  • System: Arduino - Arduino WiFi Module - Android Device - Android App