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  • The Programmer uses a Teach Pendant / Computer etc in a similar manner to a CNC Pendant / CNC Controller
  • The Programmer guides the robot through what it needs to do via Jog Wheels / Buttons etc
  • Once the task has been fully laid out and preformed it is "saved" onto the robot

Lead Through / Teach Through Demonstration

  • In this method, the programmer puts the robotic into a special mode where it's Joints go into a loosely held position; they do not fall down limp, but are able to be moved through various actions despite still "holding their position"
  • This is heavily used in Cobots due to it's intuitive nature
  • Does have the disadvantage of being more imprecise, although this can be addressed by "fine tuning" with other methods

Off-Line Programming

  • This method uses simulations running with a virtual representation of the Robot Cell / Workcell
  • This can be integrated with CAD and ROS workflows as well
  • Thus one doesn't need a "prototype cell" and/or Shutdown Work / Downtime
  • It does require those models, and that they are accurate however (Although this can be addressed via the aforementioned "Fine Tuning", and in OSE's case the CAD should exist anyways and FLOSS should allow for ease of use for the files)

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