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  • A Type of Workcell utilizing Robots (Typically Robotic Arms ) as a part of it's operations, rather than a human worker
  • Typically they take on the roles of Robotic Machine Tending and Robotic Materials Handling
  • They can be used as a part of a Manual Mixed-Model Assembly Line containing human workers in conventional Work Cells in some steps, and Robotic Cells handling other tasks, or they can be used in a Automated Mixed-Model Assembly Line
    • (Bit of terminology mess here, but essentially similar linear layout to an Assembly Line but they use often slow, if even constant, movement (some use Roller Conveyors (with additional automated "clamp downs" for each station) / passive sliding surfaces instead of a overhead conveyor/gantry as well ) to combine several Work Cells (essentially highly Ergonomic desks/tables with all needed tools/jigs removing need for walking and the associated Wasted Movement / Transit Time ( Lean Manufacturing and whatnot) ) and produce products in an efficient manner.
      • Robotic Cells can replace some of (just the welding, or 3d scanning for QC etc) Work Cells or all of them
      • Furthermore there are many terms for what to call this and it's a very fuzzy concept
      • I did some edits on the wikipedia side of things / dug for info on this, but i need to move on ANYWAYS:
  • Allows essentially for Full Automation of many processes (Outside of Routine Maintenance / Shutdown Work , as well as any other jobs the robots cannot handle well)


As described by This Page by the Company Robtiq Titled "5 Essential Robotic Cell Components" , the Five key components of a Robotic Cell are:

  1. The Robot(s)
  2. Tooling
  3. Sensors
  4. Safety Measures
  5. Software

OSE's Choices for These

  • Unofficial as of now by the way obviously, just sketching out ideas

The Robots

=Robot Materials Feeding / Basic Superstructure/Cell



Safety Measures


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